Our Story


KALAIA is a tribute to the zeitgeist of bohemianism, created for the dare-to-dreamers, the lovers, the individualistic free spirits.

KALAIA Label stems from the inspirations and desires of Coco Mercy C, who thirsts for quality, understated and sophisticated clothing that are versatile enough to wear from dawn to dusk and distinctive enough to represent the wearer's character. She encapsulates the nuances of different art forms and cultures from travels and study of art into her unique interpretation of modern bohemianism.


We are proud to be different: the way we are, and the way we will be. We want everyone else to be proud of their differences, characteristics and ideas too. We believe that KALAIA can bring out the you in you through creative and transformable designs.


For the love of life and the earth, all our products are designed, developed and ethically made in Singapore.
Most of our fabrics are procured as ready stocks to reduce wastage and minimise footprint from unnecessary large batch fabric re-productions.
Redundant fabrics and products find their way into new designs or purposes as we innovate and reimagine ways to up-cycle them, instead of throwing them away.

We aim to become a sustainable fashion label that does not compromise ethics, quality and aesthetics.